The purpose of the PALMS 007 study is to use a sub-sample of approximately 90 participants in the Faith in Action study to demonstrate the usability of PALMS in a community based R01 trial of churchgoing Latina adults. We will assess the following: performance features of the PALMS system, participant compliance, self-report measures of participant burden, both self-report and objective (when appropriate) measures of staff burden, and satisfaction with the system, support materials and functionality. In addition, we will assess the construct validity of PALMS to identify time spent in physical activity in specific locations (e.g. parks and local neighborhoods) compared with existing self-report survey measures using a Multi-trait-multi-method approach, at baseline and 12 months. We will demonstrate divergent and convergent validity of PALMS detected activity in parks and local neighborhoods against theoretically related constructs (moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA), BMI, and quality of life) and theoretically unrelated constructs being measured in the trial (e.g. religiosity), at baseline and 12 months. To demonstrate the value of PALMS GPS/Accelerometer data, we will test the comparative efficacy of PALMS detected physical activity in parks and local neighborhoods related to the theoretically related constructs in comparison with survey methods. We hypothesize that PALMS location based activities will explain more variance in the key outcomes and with less measurement. Finally, to demonstrate the added value of PALMS we will test whether traditional GIS based measures (e.g. park density and neighborhood walkability) have a stronger relationship with PALMS location based activities than overall MVPA at baseline.

University of California, San Diego
Faith in Action – participating churches:
St Anthony of Padua
Christ the King
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart
Our Lady of Angels

Contact Information
Jessica Haughton, MPH, MA
Project Manager
T: (619) 594-6302