Elva M. Arredondo, PhD, Core Investigator


Dr. Arredondo’s research is in the area of health disparities, specifically involving cancer preventive behaviors in monolingual Spanish-speaking and bilingual populations living in the U.S. She has a strong interest in the development of theory-driven and culturally appropriate behavioral interventions using evidence from randomized control trials. Her current research interests are centered on the cultural influences and psychosocial mediators of preventive practices including cervical cancer screening, physical activity, and dietary practices among underserved groups. Dr. Arredondo’s research has examined medical services provided to underserved patients, with a focus on social cognitive processes.

She is also interested in evaluating the appropriateness of health behavior measures administered to ethnic minority communities, and she is extending her research to include environmental influences on Latinos’ preventive practices.

Dr. Arredondo is Principal Investigator of a church-based multi-level intervention promoting physical activity in Latinas. She also is a collaborator on a number of studies including a community randomized control trial examining individual and environmental contributors to the high obesity rates evident in Latino communities (Aventuras para niños) and on a large epidemiological cohort study examining the effects of acculturation on Latinos’ health (Project SOL).

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