Training & Mentoring

IBACH’s solid infrastructure, strong partnerships, diverse investigators, and demonstrated successes make the institute an excellent training ground for the next generation of researchers and practitioners, including high school, undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students, as well as post-doctoral fellows and junior faculty. In particular, IBACH seeks to provide racially/ethnically diverse students and researchers, as well as other individuals interested in health disparities research, with the necessary and relevant mentorship to foster productive careers in public health research.

IBACH offers the following training and mentoring opportunities:

1. IBACH coordinates with various programs at SDSU (e.g., McNair Program; MARC [Minority Access to Research Careers] Program) to provide racially/ethnically diverse students with opportunities designed to encourage them to pursue careers in public health or related fields.

2. IBACH offers paid and unpaid internships to students from a variety of departments at SDSU and other academic institutions through the IMPACT program. The goal of IMPACT is to provide training, mentoring, and support to students, especially students underrepresented in research, to advance their skills and experience in health disparities research resulting in academic or career advancement. One of our paid internship opportunities is the IMPACT Training & Mentoring Program (TMP). TMP provides opportunities for undergraduate and master-level students to participate in health disparities research involving a combination of educational presentations and trainings, community internships, special projects, and faculty mentoring.

Investigators at IBACH have a shared commitment to train students committed to health disparities, and in particular Latino health disparities, as they recognize that this as an important and proven strategy to reduce health disparities.