2015 SDSU Zahn Innovation Contest

A few of our IBACH colleagues participated in SDSU’s 2015 3rd Annual Zahn Challenge. The Zahn Challenge is a yearly competition hosted by the Zahn Innovation Center seeking the most promising ideas for new businesses from students, faculty and staff across SDSU. To learn more about the Zahn Innovation Center go to go to http://zahncenter.sdsu.edu. Congratulations to the following IBACH team members:

 1st Place Winner: Christina Holub & Fernando Sing

Their team, named “Cogtoolz”, developed a daily planner and mobile app that aims to improve mental health through cognitive behavioral tools and techniques. The GRAPES Planner is especially designed to help shape how one thinks (thoughts) and what one does (behavior). Their team includes professionals in public health, clinical psychology, and technology. Cogtoolz won 1st place in the social enterprise track and will now be part of the Zahn Innovation Center. They will launch the business in the summer of 2015. For more information, visit: www.cogtoolz.com and follow them on Twitter: @cogtoolz.

Finalist: John Elder, Lisa Shadron & Nadia Campbell

The Water Team participated in the Spring 2015 Zahn Innovation Center Challenge and was one of the five finalists in the social track. As a finalist, we will work with staff at the Zahn Innovation Center to further our idea and to have access to design resources to develop a prototype. Team members include John, Lisa, and Nadia. Stay tuned for updates!