Project BRIC: Building Research Integrity and Capacity

This study is led by an academic and community partnership between UC San Diego (UCSD) and San Diego State University (SDSU). Community and clinic-based health promotion research projects frequently engage paraprofessional research support staff known as, for example, Community Health Workers, Service Coordinators or Promotores de Salud (Health Promoters), as key members of the research team.  This research model has proven effective in linking community organizations and academic research projects to the community members who participate as research participants. However, many of the lay/community-research support personnel and volunteers have little formal training in the design and conduct of research. The aims of Project BRIC are to develop a tool to evaluate research readiness and use this instrument to test the efficacy of educational interventions designed to increase research literacy and capacity. The overarching goal is to increase research integrity in health research.

San Diego State University, Graduate School of Public Health
UC San Diego, Department of Family and Preventive Medicine

Contact Information
Liz Mejia Booen, MS
Project Manager
T: (858) 534-7264