Camille Nebeker, MS, EdD, Affiliated Investigator

CamilleNebeker_AffiliatedInvestigMy research focuses on applied research ethics and has been supported since 2002 with funding from three federal agencies (NIH, NSF and ORI). Research ethics (also called Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)) involves aspects of planning, conducting and reporting scientific research. Two of our projects involved collaborations with IBACH investigators and staff which resulted in Project TRES (Training in Research Ethics and Standards) – a culturally-relevant training on human subjects protections for Promotores and Basic Research Concepts – an introduction for lay research staff about what research involves and how it’s designed and conducted. Presently, we are designing a course for students preparing for science careers in non-academic sectors (Project CAPRI – Collaborative for Advancing Professional and Research Integrity). I am also actively engaged in national efforts to advance best practices in research ethics education and frequently consult with groups and organizations on research administration, regulatory compliance and research ethics/RCR training. When not working, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I can also be found ocean fishing and cycling around San Diego County when I need to give my mind space for creativity.




Current Research Project(s)
Focus on Latino Health: Formacion Comunitaria en la Integridad de Investigaciones (Project BRIC: Building Research Integrity and Capacity)

Curriculum Vitae
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