This program brings researchers accomplished in Latino community health research together with aspiring younger researchers to optimize the chances of research success and advancement in projects targeting cardiovascular disease (CVD) in Latino populations. The training program consists of an initial two-week summer institute, a mid-year visit by a mentor to each of the mentees’ research settings, and a second summer institute of one-week. The ultimate goal of the mentoring program is to equip junior researchers with the skills necessary to develop manuscripts and submit grant proposals related to health disparities and CVD within two years of completing the program. Program participants or mentees consist of junior faculty, junior researchers, or post-doctoral individuals with ongoing research projects targeting CVD in Latino populations. Regular communication between mentors and mentees and the provision of a modest stipend to pursue additional training complements the in-person activities.

Contact Information
Cristina Padilla, MA
Program Manager
T: (619) 594-2292