Pregnant Latina Study

The aim of For Our Health/Para Nuestra Salud is to pilot test the impact of a physical activity intervention on the physical activity practices of pregnant Latinas. Considering the important influence of family and friends in Latino culture, a social support approach will be utilized to develop an intervention that will target individual, social, and cultural influences on physical activity.

Approximately 30 pregnant Latinas between 18-35 years of age, in their second trimester, and who receive services at WIC will be recruited to participate in the intervention. Intervention activities include weekly group meetings and up two 3 weekly walking groups that will meet at WIC for nine weeks. Weekly activities will be led by trained, bilingual promotoras. Weekly group meetings will focus on how to safely engage in physical activity during pregnancy, how to develop and track SMART objectives for physical activity, how physical activity improves mood and relieves stress, and how to continue engaging in physical activity postpartum. At least half of the participants will be asked to invite either a friend or family member to participate in the intervention with them to build social support for physical activity.

Participants will be assessed pre- and post-intervention on their physical activity level, social support for physical activity, depression, and stress. The pilot study will begin in late spring 2014 and end in late Fall 2014.

San Diego State University
San Diego State University Research Foundation Women, Infants, and Children Program (SDSURF WIC)

Contact Information
Sandra Soto
Project Coordinator
T: (619) 594-0222