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Everybody Active/Todos Activos is a bilingual program designed for organizations to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles to the communities they serve. We know that physical activity is an important part of healthy and happy communities. This program will help you get your community moving and incorporate healthy habits into their lives.

Why are we promoting physical activity?

The benefits of physical activity are well known. Not only does physical activity help to prevent excess weight gain, injury and aging, it also improves productivity and mood. The communities who need to be active the most have few places to be active safely and few to no resources to obtain a gym membership. The goal of our program is to provide communities with a program that will allow them to easily and inexpensively promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles.

What we do:

Everybody Active/Todos Activos helps organizations promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles by providing the tools and technical assistance necessary to train community volunteers to instruct group exercise and healthy lifestyle classes. Our goal is to make physical activity part of our culture and available for free or at little cost to the community. We provide organizations with:

  • A toolkit, including resources to help implement group exercise and healthy lifestyle classes at schools, recreation centers, and community centers.
    • Program Manual
    • Community Health Instructor Training Manual and Video
    • Community Health Instructor Facilitator Guide for Exercise &Healthy Lifestyle Classes
    • Posters and other materials for Healthy Lifestyle Classes
    • Participant Guide for Healthy Lifestyle Classes
  • Technical assistance to support organizations wishing to train community health instructors, and to obtain resources and collaborations to support their efforts.
  • Online access to publications, community partner contacts, newspaper articles and other resources to support organizational efforts.


Interested in how this program can make a difference in your community?

Please contact Marisa Molina at marisa.molina@mail.sdsu.edu.

Support us to to bring this program nationwide.

For more information about Everybody Active/Todos Activos, please see below:

Program History:

The program was originally called Healthy and Active Families/ Familias Sanas y Activas and began in 2004 as a research study developed by the San Diego Prevention Research Center (SDPRC) and funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The research project’s aim was to increase physical activity, improve fitness, reduce obesity and improve other health status indicators related to obesity. A second cycle of funding was received in 2009 to further develop the program and evaluate sustainability. To promote sustainability, the program utilized a volunteer promotor-model and collaborated with community agencies to supervise the volunteers. Click here for more information about the original study.

Program Outcomes:

In Cycle 1 (2004-2009), participants experienced decreases in waist circumference, weight, blood pressure, symptoms of depression and other health indicators, which you can find in the American Journal of Public Health. Results have not yet been published for Cycle 2. However, preliminary results suggest significant decreases in Body Mass Index, waist circumference, blood pressure and other obesity-related health behaviors. For more details, click here.

Please join us in our effort to bring this program to communities nationwide, so that everyone has a safe and positive environment in which to be active!

Button_Donate-small-2015All donations to Everybody Active are accepted and administered by The Campanile Foundation (TCF),
an official 501 [c] [3] auxiliary organization of San Diego State University.