Working with Restaurants to Support Neighborhood Obesity Prevention

Working with Restaurants to Support Neighborhood Obesity Prevention’ is a 12-month study funded by UCSD Child Health Disparities Research Pilot Funding. This restaurant-based intervention study is designed to prevent the further decline of child health due to the obesity epidemic. The study involves formative research in the target community to determine away-from-home eating habits with restaurant managers, staff, local families and restaurant patrons, as well as an assessment of the fidelity and short-term efficacy of a restaurant-based intervention. Intervention fidelity will be assessed using observational methods and intervention efficacy will be assessed using sales data and interviews with patrons. This study is part of a larger program of research that is testing strategies to improve the nutrition of Mexican immigrants/Mexican-Americans living in the U.S.

Contact Information:
Veronica A. Serrano
Project Manager