• Principal Investigator: John P. Elder, PhD, MPH
  • Project Funding Period: 08/27/2007-05/31/2012
  • Project Funding Source: RAND Corporation  l National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
The Trial of Activity for Adolescent Girls 2 (TAAG 2) is a four-year continuation study of TAAG participants. The overall goals are to increase the understanding of the development of physical activity over the course of adolescence (through 12th grade) and the relationship between physical activity, eating away from home, and weight status for adolescent girls. TAAG 2 provides a unique opportunity to follow 300 diverse girls who were measured at our TAAG middle schools in San Diego, CA and Minneapolis, MN into their 10th through 12th grade years to assess changes in physical activity and weight/obesity over this time period. Building upon the groundwork of TAAG, it also examines the relationship between the locations in which girls are active and eating, their physical activity levels, dietary intake, and weight status. SDSU, RAND Corporation, University of Minnesota, and University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill are collaborating on this project.

RAND Corporation
University of Minnesota
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Contact Information:
Julie Pickrel, MPH
Project Manager
T: (619)594-3369
E: jpickrel@projects.sdsu.edu