Overweight and obesity during childhood strongly influence the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes in adulthood. This study is the first national cross-sectional observational study of socio-cultural and familial determinants of overweight/obesity and cardiometabolic risk among a diverse group of Hispanic children (ages 8-16) from the Bronx, NY; Chicago, IL; Miami, FL and San Diego, CA. living in the U.S. The specific aims of this study are: (1) to evaluate the influence of youth acculturation and intergenerational differences in acculturation between youth and parents on youth’s lifestyle behaviors and their cardiometabolic risk profiles; (2) to test the association of parenting strategies and practices with children’s lifestyle behaviors and cardiometabolic risk profiles; and, (3) to assess the influence of youths’ psychosocial functioning on youth lifestyle behaviors and cardiometabolic risk profiles.

The research teams have recruited a sample of 1,600 boys and girls ages 8 to 16 with at least one parent participating in the Hispanic Community Health Study (HCHS/Study of Latino Health (SOL; see description on this website). Youth participants in SOL Youth underwent a single 3-hour clinical examination and seven days of physical activity monitoring. Anthropometric, blood pressure, and blood lipid data were collected and participants also completed an aerobic fitness test. They also completed an interview assessing acculturation, pubertal development, psychological functioning, lifestyle behaviors, and family factors. Biomarkers data, including measures of endothelial dysfunction, inflammation, and adipocytokines, have been obtained. Data on the parents of participating youth were also obtained including information on their children’s medical history and parenting behaviors. Detailed child and parent data on risk and protective factors will provide the basis for the development of interventions to prevent and control obesity among Hispanic/Latino children from middle childhood to early adulthood.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Albert Einstein School of Medicine, Yeshiva University Bronx, NY (Field Center)
Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL (Field Center)
University of Miami, School of Medicine, Miami FL (Field Center)
University of Minnesota, (Nutrition Reading Center)
University of Minnesota, (Central Lab)

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Ana C. Talavera, MPH
Project Manager
T: (619) 594-2362 or (619) 594-4203

Johanne Blouin Hernandez, MBA, RN
Clinic Operations Manager
T: (619) 205-1924

SOL Youth participant preparing to donate blood sample

SOL Youth participant preparing to donate blood sample


SOL Youth participant completing dietary recall with research staff member.


300th SOL Youth participant with study team.

300th SOL Youth participant with study team.