Secretos de la Buena Vida

Principal Investigator:  John P. Elder, PhD, MPH
Project Funding Period: 1998-2003
Project Funding Source: National Cancer Institute

Secretos de la Buena Vida was a three-arm randomized controlled trial designed to improve the dietary practices of 357 Latinas living in the southern region of San Diego County. Women were recruited via random digit dial and randomly assigned to one of three conditions: 12 weekly visits with a promotora plus 12 weekly tailored, mailed print materials; 12 weekly tailored, mailed print materials only; or, 12 generic, mailed print materials (control). The primary outcome variables were calories from fat and grams of fiber, assessed at baseline, immediately post-intervention (approximately 3 months post baseline), and 6-months and 12-months post-intervention using three consecutive 24-hour dietary recalls.