Mariaelena (Elena) Concha, Institute Manager

Mariaelena ConchaMrs. Concha is bilingual (Spanish and English) and bicultural and has worked in the Institute for Behavioral and Community Health since 2011. She has served as the Institute Manager for IBACH gaining extensive experience administering institute-wide processes to ensure efficient and effective implementation of institute-wide activities. Among these activities are maintaining the website, maintaining institute-wide data collection activities (e.g., publications and student involvement), serving as a liaison with the SDSURF for facilities, and coordinating meetings between IBACH investigators, between project managers, and between project-specific administrative assistants. She also serves a key role in supporting IBACH’s Computer Systems Administrator. In addition, Mrs. Concha maintains excellent public relations and serves as the point of contact between IBACH and the Graduate School of Public Health, University of California at San Diego and Moore’s Cancer Center, various health departments, health care centers and partner community organizations.Previous to her time at IBACH, she gained 11 years of administrative experience in various sectors with a focus on contracting administration.