Imperial County Asthma CER Project



The Imperial County Asthma CER Project (RESPIRA) is a 3-year study being conducted in Imperial County in partnership with Clínicas de Salud del Pueblo, Inc., Comité Civico del Valle, Inc., and California Breathing (California Department of Public Health). Asthma is a particular challenge in rural and U.S.-Mexico border communities where rates are much higher than other parts of the US. Given that 1 in 5 children have asthma in Imperial County, asthma represents a significant health burden to this community.

This study is funded by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). In December 2013, PCORI approved eight nationwide studies to decrease rates of uncontrolled asthma among African-Americans and Hispanics/Latinos and improve their quality of life. The San Diego study is the only study taking place in the State of California, the only study in a border region, and the only study to be solely working with a Hispanic/Latino community.

The long term goal of the study is to improve the quality of life of children with asthma and potentially reduce families’ economic and social burdens of uncontrolled asthma. The immediate goal of the study is to identify strategies to improve asthma control among children and the asthma control behaviors of their families, their health care providers, and the communities in which they live.

The study will be comparing the effectiveness of interventions taking place with families, in clinics, and in community settings. Interventions will be delivered by physicians and other health care providers, community health workers and partner organizations. Four hundred pediatric asthma patients between 6 and 17 years old with moderate to persistent asthma and their families will be recruited to participate in the study. Each participant and their family will receive one or more of a combination of community, clinic and family interventions, and will be followed for 12 months to identify which strategies are most effective at improving asthma control in this group of children.

Clínicas de Salud del Pueblo, Inc.
Comité Civico del Valle, Inc.
California Breathing, California Department of Public Health

Contact Information
Nadia Campbell, MPH
Research Manager
T: (619) 594-2740