Breathe Easy

Principal Investigator: Guadalupe X. Ayala, PhD, MPH
Breathe Easy was a randomized controlled trial designed to improve middle school students asthma management skills and to garner more support for asthma care from parents, other family members, friends, and school personnel. The intervention was informed by over 40 focus groups with racially/ethnically diverse middle school students, as well as an analysis of data from an epidemiological study of a state wide survey with middle school students. Sixty students in two schools were randomized into one of two conditions: group-education plus support network newsletters (Intense) or group education only (Minimal – consistent with usual care in asthma education). The newsletters were sent to individuals identified by each student who were currently involved in their asthma care (e.g., family members) or who they perceived as needing more information on asthma care (e.g., specific teachers and other school personnel). All intervention activities occurred during the students’ spring semester and were facilitated by project staff and the school nurse. Evaluation activities occurred with both the students and one parent/caregiver and included both observed (e.g., peak flow and inhaler use techniques) and self-reported methods.

Funding Agency: American Lung Association
Dates: 2004-2006

Ayala, G.X., Miller, D., King, D., Riddle, C., Zagami, E., & Willis, S. (2006). Asthma in middle schools: What students want in a program. Journal of School Health, 76, 208-14 Ayala, G.X., Yeatts, K., & Miller, D. (2009). Factors associated with asthma management among 7th and 8th grade students. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 34(8), 862-8. Terpstra, J., Johnson, M.L, & Ayala, G.X. (in press).