Emily Schmied, MPH

EmilySchmied_MPHI am a doctoral student in the Health Behavior track of the Joint Doctoral Program in Public Health. Throughout the past three years I’ve been involved in numerous projects at IBACH including Entre Familia: Reflejos de Salud, Working with Restaurants to Support Neighborhood Obesity Prevention, Puentes Hacia una Mejor Vida, and Our Choice. I am currently working on my dissertation, which will examine implementation-related factors of one peice of the Our Choice intervention. In addition to my work at IBACH, I serve as a TA, GA, and guest lecturer in many of the undergraduate and MPH courses at SDSU.

Prior to entering the JDP I had already graduated twice from SDSU; I earned my BS in Health Science in 2006 and my MPH in Health Promotion in 2008. While in the MPH program I was hired as a research assistant at the Naval Health Research Center in Point Loma. In the years since my initial hiring I served in a number of research positions and am currently a research scientist in the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Epidemiology. In this position, I play a lead role in conducting research projects from start to finish. Though my research experience has primarily been in the field of military mental health, I have a strong interest in the bidirectional relationships between mental and physical health and hope to explore this topic in the future. My other research interests include implementation science and program evaluation.

Email: eschmied.ourchoice@gmail.com

Current Research Project(s):
An Ecological Approach to Addressing Childhood Obesity Issues in Imperial County (Our Choice)